Begin your day with bliss.

Your inside guide to exploring yoga in Boston with other local yogis. 
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Increase Physical and Mental Strength.

Not only does yoga increase flexibility, build muscle, and improve circulatory health - it also makes you happier. A consistent yoga practice is proven to lead to a significant increase in serotonin levels and a decrease cortisol.  What that means to you is: less sad, more happy. 

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Yoga's benefits extend beyond the mat. While this ancient and sacred practice impacts the physical being, researchers also suggest yogis are more mindful with their daily nutrition routine. For many, the emotional sensations of eating dissipate, leading to meaningful weight loss and muscle gains.

Let me start by saying, I am not flexible at all. So attempting yoga for the first time was no easy feat. But I do have to say, breathe boston allowed me to be me - no judgment, just pure exploration. It was so cleansing, both physically and mentally - now I can't get enough!


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Stress Reduction.

Yoga is truly a mind-body practice, combining both meditation and relaxation techniques to allow us to focus on the present. By learning to control our breathing, we are able to lessen the stressors in our daily lives and focus on the here and now – making us happier and healthier.  

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